RGG Studio was formed by me; Raymond Goode, to provide a new look for my freelance business.  After having «KenKay Design» for so long it was time to let my creativity take form and showcase how far my skills have come since 1997 when I first started.  I do so much more than just web design layouts; I develop working applications that come alive through programming skills such as PHP, SQL, JavaScript, AJAX, and more.

One of the easiest ways to estimate somebody's level of knowledge is to examine one's work results. This is what I offer you to do by visiting my «portfolio» section. Freelancing is a chance to realize creative ideas, to design beautiful projects, to advance professionally and to win deserved clients' recognition not only in my little circle, but also far beyond it's borders.

I always focus my attention on the fact that the site is not only original and an updated method of web presentation, but, first of all, it is specific and effective way of running business.  A web site can be an advertisement tool but also a means of running your business. It is as essential as a business account, a telephone service, or a silent partner.  So as to make one succeed while cooperating with us, we do not develop sites just to put you on the web. Permanent fresh ideas search and ability to fix upon the most appropriate variant, which meets the client's requirements as for ideal site – this is the direction I stick to at our work.

The sites I make possess their own style, they are recognizable; and it is impossible just to pass by them.  I'm a firm believer that no matter what your budget is, you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality and professional work.   I want your customers to review your product over and over again, explore it's design and easy-to-navigate structure. All these factors have allowed me to become a professional that is able to cope with tasks of any complexity level.